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VA-News - Blackmagic Cinema Camera: neue Pläne für MicroFourThirds

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    nö das ist Plattformunabhängig gemeint.. CinemaDNG ist das Kind das dem Entwickler NOCH NICHT wirklich schmeckt in seinen Anwendungen.. anderen wie BM, IFX oder wie in diesem Fall auch Apple mit seinen Lösungen.. selbts unter Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin läufts mit DCRAW..

    more News von BM

    There was supposed to be an update posted late last week, however I was offline so could not do it personally. It looks like it did not happen, and no doubt as we have all been busy with the camera production ramp up.

    The latest news is that sensors are starting to trickle through and we are testing them heavily and its looking good so far. Its going slower than we hoped because the sensor supplier is testing each sensor heavily to make sure they have correctly fixed the problem, and we are also testing heavily as we build cameras too. This is important as the only thing worse than a delay in shipping the cameras, is shipping thousands of them that have faults. So we want to make sure they are all good.

    I appreciate how frustrating this has been for everyone, and its been more frustrating for us. Most people are expecting delivery of 1 camera. We are expecting delivery of thousands, so this means it's thousands of times more painful for us. You should see what a warehouse full of $20 million dollars of camera parts looks like. Its not good.

    Its also very upsetting for us because we finished the camera months ago and its a really great design. Everyone here worked so hard on it, then to suddenly get more than 2 months of production delays due to a problem that was totally expected has undone all that work the teams here have done.

    The good news is that at least the sensors are looking good and cameras are being built. Just in low volume initially this week. I hope over the next week or so as everyone becomes more confident that the sensor glass problem has been solved that we get increasing volume and people get their cameras. This could mean that cameras start arriving at resellers in about a week or two, depending on how things ramp and how long it takes to ship them.

    I hope this update helps. The sensors we are getting are good, and so thats a really good sign. As long as the following batches remain good, then we will be ok. However it looks good so far from this weeks production results.

    We are trying to give everyone updates as often as possible, but it takes days to do tests and see how things go, so that means its often a week or more before we have anything to update everyone with.

    I will have more updates mid to late next week.
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